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Ukrainian producer of
cable harnesses, systems and ready-made cable solutions

We create simple and complex ready-made cable systems and solutions for a wide range of applications

harnessing company

Combination of expertise
We are three - father and two sons - and we all have experience in different fields, but we decided to unite in one team. We have all the necessary knowledge, equipment and expertise to make cable systems and cable harnesses of any complexity to be proud with our work and to meet our customers’ expectations.
Synergy of the experience
Valeriy Mardal
Management & Sales
I have 20+ years of expirience in the field of electrical and cable markets, most of which I've spent as Managing Director of offices of German cable producer in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. This experience and marketing approach allowed me to look differently on the cable business, thanks to that company Mardal Systems was established.

Vyacheslav Mardal
I've got my diploma as automation engineer and devoted most of my professional life to this field. I'm constantly striving for new knowledge and even now at my age I'm ready to master the new specialization, which is necessary for the job. I like to be of service.
Denys Mardal
Marketing & Production
I have a degree in economics and engineering mindset. Entrepreneur with experience I strive for new knowledge and always in need to understand things to the root. This desire helps me to create something complex with my own hands, like 3D printer or laser marker, and such expertise is needed in variety of fields.

YOUR WISHES AND VISION realizeD into the products

Our services

Every order is unique.
To demonstrate our capabilities see some examples below.
Simple cable harnessing, cable with connector in protecting conduit
Simple cable harnesses
We cut cables to length, remove the insulation, crimp and mount any terminals or connectors, put cables into protective systems, and do any kind of simple operations.
Filled-in cable chains
We assemble cable chains, lay down the cables and hoses, fix them in the chain, check how they will behave during movements. So, we are creating cable chains which are ready to be connected to your equipment.
Cable harnessing, filled-in cable chain with cables, ready for installation
Простий кабельний джгут, кабель з коректорами у захистній трубі
Industrial data patchcord
We produce industrial data patchcords with connectors RJ45, M8, M12, with any combination or with open end, with length upon your request.
Complex cable systems
We are ready to produce any complex solution you need. Everything is limited by your needs and vision. The greatest pleasure for us is to develop sophisticated individual cable systems.
Complex cable systems and cable harnesses
Individual marking systems, marking for cable harnesses, cable solutions and systems
Individual marking
Marking plays an important role for any cable harness. With our equipment we create individual marking elements for any component from different materials. We are also ready to create any marking elements at your request.
We are open for dialogue.
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Why should you rely on us?
Experience and accuracy
Long years of experience in cable business gives us advantage. We know how the German companies are working and this approach we take as the basis for our work.
Give-and-take approach
We can work on tolling raw materials. According to Ukrainian legislation, such transactions are free from import customs duties and additional taxes on import-export transactions, means no extra costs for you.
Keeping the promises
We do not give empty promises, because we value our reputation, our relations with clients, colleagues and our partners.
High quality
Quality is above all. We are aware of our responsibility of granting this. (certification in accordance with ISO standards is in the process)
Openness and transparency
There is nothing to hide. At your request, we are ready to provide you photo and video reports for each stage of the production process.
Quick and reliable logistics
In today's world, speed is a competitive advantage. You can use our expertise or stay with your logistics partner.
Care about employees
We are a 100% transparent company that pays all taxes, official salaries and insures its employees.
Free first sample
A first trial harness we do free of charge that you can assess the quality of our work and our service.
Liability insurance
We voluntary insure our responsibility, because it is standard and understandable approach in Europe.
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